Friday, November 16, 2012


This last week has been a bit of blur. Between the dress sale, preparation for City of Craft and Halifax Crafters, and a sick puppy, I haven't had much time to do or think about anything other than what's mentioned above.

Last Wednesday, two days before the dress sale, Pepper woke up sick.  She was shivering, not interested in eating, and would not go up or down stairs under any circumstances.  I knew right away something was more serious than the usual tummy ache was bothering her.  After a lovely afternoon where I got to have a wonderful store dog by my side, we took a trip to the vet.  Pepper has a disease that affects dogs of her shape, called IVDD. Basically, it's causing the discs in her back to narrow, squeezing the fluid between them up and into her spinal cord, causing lots of pain.

Before this sounds too terrible, we are lucky. Really lucky. Pepper didn't need surgery, has full function of her back legs, and hopefully we can treat this all with medication and she'll be a-ok in a few weeks.  It also means we have to keep Pepper confined to a pen most of the time, limit any use of stairs, and that Doug had to build a ramp.  Life these days is all about taking care of Pepper.

Boo's pretty into the ramp too.

Alas, life doesn't stop for a sick basset.  I signed up for two craft shows this winter and that means serious production.  After a few panic attacks about not being able to get everything done, I had the best idea ever: hire someone to help me.  The super lovely Carly has been coming over during the evenings, eating cookie sandwiches with me and making earrings. It's a huge help.

And because Pepper can't climb the stairs to my workspace in the attic, I've converted the living room into a makeshift Rare Specimens studio. Sorry Doug.

That batch of pyrite above is waiting to be made into earrings today. Once they're done, I will have made something like 600 pairs of earrings over the last month.  I'll also be able to stop making them in preparation for the upcoming shows and focus on other things like bobby pins and rings. I'm pretty excited to knock these out this evening.

So, that's what I've been up to. Caring for my dog, hanging out with Carly, watching movies with Doug while I work on earrings, and that's about it. Life is pretty busy, but good.

PS. Thanks to Carly for the lovely fireplace basset picture above.  It captures her so perfectly.


  1. Sorry to hear about Pepper but glad she will be ok. Did she give any signs before she woke up really sick? We have a 'long wheelbase' dog as well (a 4 year old dachshund-shih-tzu cross) and lately he seems really hesitant on the stairs...he'll go down a step or two, then stop until I coax him to keep going. I wonder if it could be the beginnings of the same thing...

    1. Hi Kyle,
      Pepper didn't give any warning signs at all until she woke up sick that one morning. Maybe the stairs are just overwhelming for a tiny dog like yours?

    2. Perhaps! We'll have to keep an eye on him.

  2. Go Pep!! All the best to my girls!

  3. Pretty jealous right now that you can make 600 units in a month and that you have an assistant. I need to change my business model.

    P.S. I hope Pepper feels better soon.