Friday, December 7, 2012

Decking Our Halls

It's beginning to look pretty festive around these parts. We've pulled out the holiday cards, done up our window all merry and bright, and I am just about to dig around in our basement for the yards and yards of popcorn garland we've got hidden down there somewhere.

Our window preparations were nothing too extravagant this year, but it does kind of make my heart do cartwheels to look at it all completed. Jan and I spent an afternoon cutting our trees out of cardboard and painting them white, but sometimes crafty projects don't always work out. They were much too heavy to be hung and kept coming apart. I picked up some large, heavy-stock white paper from Mixed Media instead, and wondered why it's always in my nature to make things more complicated for myself.

The Beehive had gotten together the same week to make our own fresh wreaths for ourselves one evening, and we had lots of beautiful greenery from I Fiori left over. I used some boxwood and hot glued it to embroidery hoops for some simple wreaths. Quick and dirrrrrty style.

Cute window you are so cute.

We've also got SO MUCH GOOD STUFF arriving daily, we can hardly keep up. We'll be working on some gift guides for you soon, but until then, here's a quick and dirrrrrty look at a couple new products currently on our shelves.

Christmas Coal Soap from Prunella Soap is the perfect stocking stuffer, and based on how many of these have sold already, there are a lot of naughty people in this town.

We literally got in this shipment from Rcboisjoli seconds before this photo was taken. All of their ceramic work is so good, but we especially love these Jumbo Peanuts. They dropped their work off in person to the shop, and it came up in conversation how they searched through bags and bags of Picard's Peanuts in order to find the perfectly shaped peanuts to cast these ceramic ones from. Part of an artists process that we never considered.

Amazing iPhone cases covered in dogs, cats or fun geometric shapes from the cutely named The Case of Mr. Pelham.

Beautiful hand-embroidered on suede necklaces from Eau Claire. I'm really into Dungeons and Dragons right now, which may account for my nerdy commentary on these pieces, but they give off a real medieval talisman vibe to me. Like, a knight (or, say, a half-elf ranger) would totally wear this over his breastplate, with a lock of his fair maiden's hair kept inside, to protect him from all the evil he is about to face in battle. If that's not awesome and romantic imagery, I guess don't know anything about anything.

3D Wrapping Paper from our super talented friends at Kid Icarus. This is always a big hit for the holidays.

And finally we've restocked our favourite neckties from Good Heavens in lots of new styles. Men of Hamilton, you're about to become a lot more stylish. Don't be shy about wearing them either, ladies. These ties are solid.

Give it up for Jane's hand, everybody! And, of course, all these amazing artists (and so many more) that you can find in store here.

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