Monday, December 17, 2012

Gift Guide: For Your Bestie

I'm just going to go ahead and assume your bff is a lady, ok?  Dude best friends please take no offense, but maybe you want to go visit this gift guide over here?

Shopping for friends is one of my favourite things. I also really really love watching friends shop for each other in the store. From what I've been seeing this season already, I'm going to go ahead and recommend the following:

Suggesting Rare Specimens feels a bit like shameless self promotion, but seeing best friends surprise each other with these earrings has been really really great this season.  They're an easy gift and you can pick a stone that matches your bff's personality.  ($34)

Literally anything from Krystal Speck makes a great gift. We've wanted to have her pottery in the shop for ever, and we finally do. You can expect our collection of Krystal Speck pottery to hit the shelves sometime today, and all of these pieces will make great gifts. ($25-$65)

These iphone cases from The Case of Mr. Pelham are well on their way to selling out, so you better act quick. Is your bestie a dog or a cat person? We have a case for either!  ($25)

All of the jewelry from Hamilton-based Navahaus is pretty much best friend approved. I love that the pieces are all double-sided and hand-painted. ($30-$35)

We never get tired of the beautiful Hand and Shadow scarves we carry at the shop, and these new Jellyfish designs are just perfect. ($60)

Did you know that Toronto-based Falconwright recently landed in the GOOP wish list?  It makes me feel like I'm one degree closer to Gwyneth just having them in the shop. Soon I'll be doing crazy arm workouts and wearing really fancy capes. Until then, get your best friend one of these really amazing bags that she'll be sure to love. ($25-$56)

Finally, let's round out this list with a couple more local artists and a couple more great gift ideas.  Hands and Feet bags are hand-dyed, screen printed, and simply lovely. ($20-$85)

If your best friend is a little bit adventurous, I recommend these Dryden Pearls earrings from Crownland.  Local artist Amy Kenny made these earrings from the antlers of deer she hunted herself.  A little bit of kick-ass adventure inspiration goes a long way.  ($26)

Don't forget, we're open 11-6 today (Monday), and 11-8 Tuesday-Friday this week. Holiday hours are in full effect!

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