Friday, December 14, 2012

Gift Guide: For Your Handsome Man

I know most of your ladies have probably had your man's gifts on LOCKDOWN for a while now. We see a lot more men shopping for you around this time of year, which we looove. But just in case you've left it to the last minute, or need that little extra something special to top your gift off, here are some suggestions for that special guy in your life.

This leather backpack made by Augustine in Toronto is classic and masculine and dapper. Stylish without being too flashy. It looks great on, and it will last him a lifetime. ($240)

Illustrator Jacqui Oakley makes incredible work. She actually has her own solo show - Bestiary - down the street from us at De Facto at Mulberry (193 James Street North) right now with lots of originals and giclee prints for you to scoop up. But we've also got a handful of her animal illustrations at the shop, and they would be well-received under any man's tree this year. ($40)

Our favourite neckties from Good Heavens are back in stock, but they won't be for long because it turns out that they are everyone else's favourite neckties too. We're becoming well-known for our bowtie selection at the shop, but if your man is still a little shy of that trend, a beautiful and well-made necktie is always an appreciated gift. ($44)

Hasn't your man always wanted a card case with "Skillionaire" engraved on it? Make his dreams come true with this one from In God We Trust. You know he's got the skillz. ($65)

Is your man a hockey fan? Of course he is, he's Canadian, right? These great Vintage Table Hockey teatowels from Avril Loreti have been really popular since bringing them into the shop. You don't have to worry about starting feuds either, we carry both Toronto Maple Leaf and Montreal Canadiens styles. ($25)

We have lots of ceramic pieces in from Rcboisjoli adorned with grand and handsome imagery, but I am especially drawn to this set of 2 horse bowls. Imagine the amount of cereal he could fit into the large one! ($60)

Make sure his hands are warm enough to keep your hands warm this winter. The ever popular mittens from Things by Slo will do the trick just fine. Made from recycled sweaters and locally manufactured fleece, they are always a hit around the holidays. ($32)

I love the idea of giving a handkerchief as a gift. There's something so traditional and romantic about it. Our selection of handkerchiefs from BRFC are bound to put a smile on his face. ($15)

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  1. yay for the dudes! i couldn't help but think of the pixies song - here comes your man when reading this post.