Monday, January 7, 2013

Handmade Holiday

I did pretty well for myself this Christmas. So well I thought it might be fun to make a super awful haul video, but I couldn't stop being too self conscious on camera to get through it. So, pictures!

It occurred to be on Christmas morning that all my standout gifts were handmade. I'm not surprised by that, but it was nice that family & friends have embraced handmade enough that I had a bevy of great one-of-a-kind gifts under the tree.

Obviously, Hollie is a great handmade gift giver. She recognized that I always buy cheap purses and wear them into the ground (pretty much literally) and this makes me look a little bit like a hobo shop owner. Purse shopping is not something I'm ever interested in, so it was amazing to be gifted this beauty by Grace Design. It's made of old silk kimonos and so so pretty.

She also got me my very own pocket totem (a bear, of course) by Handy Maiden, and she made lovely heirloom tomato pin cushions for her pals. So so cute. Mostly I'm excited that my pocket totem comes in his own little bed,  perfect for napping.

I gave handmade as much as I could this Christmas, and a lot of people on my list got something by the lovely Krystal Speck. As I was wrapping everything up I started to get a little sad that I hadn't purchased anything for myself. Lucky for me, Doug picked out this beautiful Krystal Speck bowl and stuck it under the tree. Perfect!

I'll admit I picked this one out by myself, but it was still a gift from my mom. I stopped by the Handmade Holiday Market at Needlework in December and instantly fell in love with this quilted pouch by Hands & Feet. Feeling a bit silly about spending money on myself during the Christmas season, I quickly purchased this and then handed it off to my mom for a Christmas morning "surprise".  It's so perfect, I just love it.

Of course I'm going to work a dog shot into this post. Pepper here is beautiful showing off our new Avril Loreti stockings we used this Christmas. I picked them up at the Handmade Holiday Show at the James Street North Studio this winter, and they are exactly what I've been trying to find for ages. I wanted stockings that were a bit different, but not cheesy. Do you know how hard that is to find? SO HARD.   Doug wasn't sure his was manly enough for him, but I pointed out the grey top and I think that convinced him for now. Pepper is just sad she doesn't have her own.

I know Christmas is big and commercial and yada yada yada, but I have always loved finding perfect gifts for others, and it's nice to receive some thoughtful pieces as well. Handmade means holidays are a little less big-box consumerism and also a lot more pretty.

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