Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves

Lately I have felt overwhelmed by all the amazing things taking up my Instagram feed. So many lady friends are doing super terrific things they should all feel proud of. Let's look at a few of them, shall we?

Tara Lynn of Goodnight Day just released the lookbook for her new 13/14 Collection and all I can say is DROOL.  I can't wait until we get some of these new knits in the shop next fall, and I'm sure our customers can't either.  Her lookbook is absolutely beautiful, and was put together by a powerhouse of ladies including photographer Arden Wray, Models Kate Campbell and Elspeth Hudson, and clothing provided by the girls from Robber.  I was going to say this is basically a lady trifecta, but there are too many ladies involved. What do we call it?

In other exciting news, our dear friend Regine was recently featured as an IT Girl in Fashion Magazine. She got to model some of the clothing from her shop and generally show off how awesome Victoire is.  I'm pretty certain she was the perfect choice for this, if only because every time Hollie and I go visit her we suddenly feel like the least fashionable people on the planet. This isn't because she makes us feel like that, but simply because she always looks SO DAMN AWESOME that it puts us to shame.  Regine and her business partner and BFF Katie have been huge inspirations and role models to Hollie and I ever since we first met, and it warms our hearts to see this and know their store is getting some amazing recognition as a result.

These amazing photos were taken by Remi Theriault.

Lots of ladies working hard.  Above from left is some work by good friends and inspirations to us all, Erin of Dear Edna, Jenna of Jenna Rose, and Erin of Rinn Textiles.  Dear Edna Erin and Jenna are both off to The One Of A Kind Show this month, and I cannot wait to go visit their booths and scoop up some things. Erin Gilkes recently opened Rinn Textiles, and I have been eyeing one of those Table Tapestries ever since. Dear Doug: it's my birthday soon.

And last but certainly not least, our friend Amy, aka jack of all trades, master of all of them too, was recently nominated for an Ontario Newspaper Award for Arts and Entertainment Writing. Congrats to Amy.  I'm sure she's going to win the award, and then as soon as that happens she'll probably take off for the Amazing Race Canada. Oh, did I not mention that? Amy and her partner Sean have auditioned for the Amazing Race, and I will wager serious money that if they make it on to the show they will win, hands down.

So there you go. A handful of amazing ladies doing amazing things. Are you feeling inspired yet? I am!



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    1. Me too! The best part is that there were lots of other ladies to talk about too... just not enough blog room!

  2. Great post/amazing ladies!

  3. YOU GUYS!!! Too sweet. Gah, where's that little blushing emoji when I need it??

    1. When we come to Ottawa, can I get your autograph???

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    1. You're welcome. Now please get back to Amazing Race training.