Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Collaboration

I had the pleasure of being introduced to photographer and all around AMAZING lady Claire Dam last year, and we hit it off instantly. Claire is smart, funny, super duper talented, and shares our love of dreamy vintage dresses in a big way. When she sent me a text asking if we wanted to work on a fun bridal shoot with her, we were totally on board. Claire is a non-stop idea machine. We started discussions and brainstormed about who else we could involve to bring this shoot to the next level.

The obvious choice for floral arrangements to us was Beverly at I Fiori, conveniently located across the street from White Elephant. Claire had just met Aimee from L'Ultima Moda, coincidentally also on James Street North, and she joined us with her make-up and hair styling talents. Our friend Fehn is always up for lending her pretty face to any photoshoot ideas we throw at her. And Claire had a friend Bre who both modeled and had her own event planning business. We were set.

And with that The Collaboration was born.

We took over one of the warehouse spaces at 270 Sherman on Monday, and had the best day ever. Surrounded by babes, lush floral arrangements, the prettiest treats, and the spirits of an old textile mill, it was downright heavenly.

With little direction, but a lot of trust in everyone's individual talents, everyone did their thing based on their own instinct and aesthetic, and it's crazy how well everything fell together. Like, without a single hitch.

Beverly came up with stunning arrangements of roses, clematis, huck, thistles, ferns and many more unexpected blooms. Old world and so romantic. 

Bre played double duty showing off her event planning and styling skills as well as modeling. She spent most of the day before baking mini cakes, cupcakes and petite madeleines. Which we all enthusiastically enjoyed after a long day of shooting. 

Check out these babes. You may remember our model to the stars Fehn from our Faded Forests lookbook last year, shot by Jesse Senko. Fehn is only in town for the week and graciously gave us one of her days to be a part of this project.

We just met Bre that morning, but instantly fell in love with her bright and keen personality. And also the fact that she baked us many, many treats.

It seemed impossible, but Aimee made these ladies even prettier with her hair and makeup skills. She stepped into the role like a pro, giving us different looks and suggestions, and even bringing antique accessories from home that she thought would lend well to the aesthetic of the shoot. And she was dead on!

When Jane and I arrived at the studio, we realized that we had forgotten a major piece of our clothing rack and had to improvise so that our vintage bridal dresses wouldn't end up lying on the floor. These lockers are original to the old textile mill, and we had initially placed the dresses there for necessity. Realizing how good they looked, we had to work them into the shots! A very happy accident.

Claire and her assistant Maria working their magic on Bre and Fehn. Or maybe it's Bre and Fehn working their magic on Claire and Maria. Either way, there was so much magic was happening in this room.

And Jane doing what she does best at the end of a long day's work - couch potatoin'.

It's so inspiring to jump headfirst into projects with enthusiastic and talented folk, and we were so awestruck and humbled and thankful for everyone's contribution. All of these ladies are passionate and hardworking ladies who we are proud to know. We can't wait to show you the final results of this shoot. Romance! Babes! Prisms! Magic. Stay tuned.


  1. This is so, so beautiful!!! And so inspiring, I can imagine how inspired you must have felt! How on earth did you get into the building, that space is like a dream?

    1. Thank you!!! The building has been converted into artists studios, and that is where Claire has her personal studio. It's a dream, you would love it.

  2. awesome stuff! what a great idea to all come together and get a great portfolio of images!