Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Meaningful Crystal

Yesterday was a rough day. Some friends (and neighbours) went out of town last week and I drove them to the airport in their own car.  Yesterday another mutual friend came to pick up the keys to the car so he could pick them up at the airport, and the car was GONE. Seriously, gone. I spent hours on the phone with the city, tow truck companies, the police, and leaving voicemails and sending frantic texts and emails to my friends, trying to figure out what happened. Finally, I found out it had been towed because someone reported it as a suspicious car that had been parked all week. In front of my friends house. Heart attack.

Luckily, the night ended on a high note. I got back from The Ship and did something I've been doing almost every day now: checked www.freepeople.com.  And last night? Last night they were there! My earrings, Rare Specimens, are now for sale at Free People.

It is completely and utterly surreal to see them online. On a model. Being called Meaningful Crystals. My mind is blown.

This process started back in January when I received an email while Hollie and I were sitting at Five Guys eating some cheeseburgers. It never really seemed possible that it was actually going to happen. In fact, I thought the first email was spam when I read it and had to give it to Hollie to verify. But as the months past, as each step of the process passed, I got more and more excited.

I'm not good at keeping my own secrets. I want to tell everybody every thought that enters my head, all the time. To keep this under wraps until now, at least partially, has been excruciating. I'm super excited to tell everyone now, and also super super grateful that this happened. Everyone who has supported me and blogged or tweeted or instagrammed Rare Specimens deserves a huge hug (yes! a hug!) from me next time I see you. Thanks guys.

In other exciting Rare Specimens related news, there's a $150 giveaway going on all week at www.abeautifulmess.com  Go enter and win yourself some jewels!


  1. Congratulations!! Again!!
    I am so happy for you...MOM

  2. Congrats, what a huge success! going to go enter that giveaway.

    1. Thanks Tara-Lynn.... I hope you win!

  3. So amazing! Congrats on all the amazing exposure - you deserve it :)

  4. Congratulations. The photos look fabulous. This is so exciting and I hope your business continues to grow. Great news.