Thursday, May 2, 2013

Big Shot Stars... Big Shot Giveaway

Hey guys, things are busy at the shop these days! Hollie and I met up at 7am yesterday for her appearance on CHCH news, spent the morning in meetings, and the afternoon crafting up a new window display we're working on.  We've been spending every spare moment of our day getting ready for the To The Nines Vintage Dress Sale in Hamilton, and it's just over a week away. Excitement!

I'm heading to Halifax for a long weekend to take place in the Halifax Crafters Show, and Hollie's going to be manning the fort while I'm gone. I think the shop is in good hands though.... look how good she is at talking about vintage dresses:

In other exciting shop news, we're holding a giveaway on Facebook right now that you might not know about unless you follow us!  We've posted this poster on facebook, and for every share, comment, or like we'll enter you in a contest to win a $100 gift certificate. What's more, is if you comment on this blog we'll enter your name in too. Comment on this blog AND share on facebook? That's two entries! Bam! Your odds literally just doubled. Amazing.

Anyway, sorry for the all over the place blog, but please believe us that our radio silence only means we are working hard to bring you the best vintage collection yet. We spent the weekend in the states searching for more pieces, and between White Elephant and Victoire we brought back close to 100 new dresses.

So mark May 10th and 11th in your calendars... we can't wait to see you at the dress sale!


  1. Good luck with the Halifax show!

  2. Doubling my chances here!!

  3. Best of luck! This dress sale is going to be AWESOME!

  4. Ooh, dresses, just in time for the beautiful weather!

  5. I need all your pretty garments!

  6. Oh vintage pretties, cometh my way!

  7. Fun giveaway!
    I really enjoy your shop... been a couple times for Christmas and birthday gift. You've got a good thing going there :)


  8. My closet has been begging for some more summer vintage frocks. So excited for the sale!