Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fancy Pants

We've got some new arrivals that are so pretty that I decided not to be lazy with my iPhone, and instead to pull out my fancy camera for you.

Jane is killin' it with Rare Specimens lately. New necklace designs, and restocks of the super popular stud earrings and bobby pins. I'm lucky enough to be able to see some of her designs-in-progress and OH MAN, I can't wait. Dangle earrings? Big ol' cuffs with minerals growing out of them? You bet.

We spied White Feather Designs at the spring One of a Kind show, and immediately introduced ourselves and gushed over her beautiful pieces, and it turns out that she used to live in Hamilton and had secret hopes to sell at White Elephant one day. That day is now, and her brass and enamel jewelry is SO perfect for summer.

We're dying of jealously while our friend Roisin of Bespoke Uprising is away in Japan, drowning in indigo fabrics, vintage kimonos and adorable washi tape. Luckily for us, she dropped off a restock of her beautiful textile work before leaving. New prints AND products! Super cute new napkin sets, fiddlehead tea towels and zippered pouches for the taking. It takes the sting out of not being in the land of a rising sun with her a little bit, I guess.

My camera is pretty good, but in person is better. Stop by and check out all this and more sometime soon!

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