Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Whirlwhind Couple of Weeks

This last month has been a bit of a whirlwind for us! Trips to Detroit, two dress sales in Hamilton, another in Ottawa, new craft projects, store re-arranging and more have kept us very very busy. I even managed to sneak a quick trip to Halifax in there so I could participate in Halifax Crafters. Things finally feel like they're settling down now, so I thought it might be a good time to look at some highlights, as told by my iPhone.

1 & 2: Our set up at The Vintage Marketplace in Hamilton along with some of our favourite dresses.
3. Beautiful ladies tried on some of our favourite dresses all day.
4. Hollie worked hard on a hamburger friendship bracelet in our down time.

Not picture: the lady carrying her two dogs around in a baby bjorn that basically killed me with cuteness.
Spending 5 hours steaming dresses, only to get smart real fast and rent a u-haul to take us home.
5: Business lunch on the road to Ottawa. I'm submitting this photo with our receipt for taxes next year.
6 & 7: Tired feet from working all day call for tub soaks. Tub soaks call for colored bath bombs, mud masks, wine, chicken, and episodes of Arrested Development, all at once.
8. New shoes from Victoire!

Not pictured: leaving those shoes out in the rain overnight. The chicken carcass we devoured. Breaking Regine's shelf within minutes of being in her apartment. The dress sale being a total success.

9: The best liquor store in Detroit, as told to us by Google. Google was wrong, but we bought a 40 oz anyway because they were so nice in there. I think the 40 is still sitting in my hallway.
10. I spotted an En Masse mural right by our apartment.
11 & 12: We took "The People Mover" around downtown Detroit, and it's basically a slow moving Monorail that just goes in one big circle. It was pretty great for seeing the sites.
13 & 14: Polar Bears! I'm never one to miss out on an opportunity to visit a Zoo, and the Detroit Zoo is pretty great.
15: In Detroit, this is considered a beer "sampler" and only costs $8.00

Not pictured: everything else. By the time Hollie, Mike, Regine, Katie and Sonny arrived Saturday night my phone was almost dead and no more pictures exist. Too much food from Slow's. An unbelievable, frozen-in-time bar where these owners were asleep when we walked in. They greeted us warmly, gave us complimentary rootbeer schnapps, and then fell back asleep. A Sunday shopping blur.

16: Halifax Crafters all set up and going strong. This is always a great, amazingly organized show.
17: Amy Kenny hard at work showing off her Crownland wears.
18 & 19: I ate a lot of seafood, even though I sort of don't like seafood, and also a lot of delicious breakfasts.

Not pictured: Me flying into the city while Amy, Roisin and Nikki drove. Hauling ass to try to make it to the 6:00pm African Dance class in town, only to arrive and find out the elevator is broken, so I'll have to drag my two, 50lb suitcases up three flights of stairs. So much food. Really big croissants. A car covered in candy.  Amy finding a bottle of "intimate fluid" tucked into the couch cushion, not 2 minutes after sitting down in weekend apartment rental.

20 & 21: Back at home, Hollie and I worked hard to get everything ready for the dress sale, including slashing prices and emptying out the store!

Not pictured: Regine and Kristina's car breaking down on the road in Kingston, and having to wait 4 hours to get a tow and arrange a rental car. All day panic about whether or not they would make it in time for the sale. Serious karaoke skills and possibly the best rendition of Aerosmith I've seen yet. Sleeping for one thousand hours the day after.

And that's that! Whirlwind weeks of dress sales and craft shows and United States trips are done!