Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cameron Elder: Hair Stylist to the Stars

We're pretty excited because tomorrow is art crawl and for the first time this ENTIRE YEAR the forecast looks like it should hold out and not be snowing/storming/raining/sleeting/slushing/freezing, which means a great turnout with lots of fun faces!

Plus, we're pleased as punch to be hosting hair stylist extraordinaire Cameron Elder in our window working his hair artistry magic.

Photo by Sweet Ice Snow Cones - they'll be slinging their treats at the art crawl by Mulberry Coffeehouse!
Cameron is one of the sweetest people in this city, so creative, and so talented at his craft. He takes hair dressing to the next level, and is super humble about it at the same time. Jane and I are both lucky enough to have had our hair cut by him at McKinnon Hair Design, an experience I would highly recommend to everyone.

Here's a clip of Cameron's installation at an art crawl around this time last year. Hope you'll stop by this year and catch a peek of him in our window!

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