Friday, July 19, 2013

Back at It (Studio Tour)

Remember my studio? I stopped using it last November when Pepper got injured and wasn't able to climb stairs anymore. She used to sit on the main floor and whine loudly for as long as I was up there, so I very quickly started working from the living room on the main floor.

I've been using that setup ever since, but it really really wasn't working out. For starters? Netflix. Working in front of a tv with Netflix means you go "Oh I'll just watch one episode of Friday Night Lights while I work this morning", and before long you're tearing up over Tim Riggins' latest character arc and it's 3pm and nothing has been done.  The second problem? My living room was in shambles. I think Doug was getting a little tired of getting shards of stray citrine pieces in his feet.

Luckily, Pepper has seemingly made a full recovery, and has been running up and down stairs all day now, whether we want her to or not. With this news, I finally moved my studio back upstairs last week, and took a few moments to pretty it up too.

In the top picture is a painting by the lovely Krysten Bell that I've been drooling over for years, a pillow I picked up last Christmas from Prints & Needles, and a print Doug's family gave me from Annily Green.

This desk is where I spend most of my time, so there's lots of rocks, a drill press on loan from Sean Burak, some fan coral I asked my dad to smuggle back from the Dominican Republic a long time ago, a beautiful print Hollie got me for Christmas last year by Amber Ibarreche, and some handmade embroidery hoops by Anna Taylor on the left, and Hollie Pocsai on the right.

Those prints on the left wall are some of my favourites from Sarah Burwash, and they really deserve to be framed. 

Rocks rocks rocks. I'm always buying new ones to test they're ability to become earrings. I'm really into this cool blue Celestite these days, and hope to have some new goods made out of it shortly.

I'm lucky that my studio has lots of nice natural light, and that Doug spent an entire day fitting an air conditioner into the third window and building a giant plexiglass system around it so that no light was blocked out. It's a pretty cool place to work these days.

Finally, Hollie took this picture of me because I needed a shot of me in the studio and didn't have one. I love it. 


  1. It's so simple and bright and I love that you're surrounded by art that inspires you. You're going to make amazing things here!

    1. Thanks lady! I love your setup as well!

  2. Love it, Jane! That print Hollie got you is wicked. It made me happy to see your creative space. xo

  3. I'm totally going to use your studio as inspiration to design my living room, which doubles as my music studio. Currently, it's incredibly bland without any artwork on the wall (just a tiny print by Group of 7 Billion waiting to be framed!) Who painted that gorgeous painting above the couch in the first picture?