Friday, August 23, 2013

Reno Life

We're back! You may or may not have known that we closed for a week to do renovations at the shop, and boy did we ever get our renos on. I'm not lying when I tell you that I went to Home Depot every single day that we were closed, sometimes twice a day. At one point I considered getting a Home Depot tattoo on my arm, but Hollie insisted it was a bad idea. Anyway, here's what renos look like around White Elephant.

Step one was to completely empty the store. Hollie and I packed up all the inventory in boxes, removed all the shelves and fixtures from the walls, and covered everything with tarps and sheets in the middle of the floor. While this was happening, Mike and Doug got to work installing new floors on the upper level of the shop.

Beautiful, right? I seriously cannot believe that they did these floors in one day. It makes me wonder why we put up with the ugly linoleum floors we used to have for so long. Mike and Doug were basically floor installing heroes. And shelf removing heroes. And all around renovation heroes. THANKS GUYS.

On day one we ripped out the old change room that used to be in the corner, and on day three we realized we didn't have enough floral wallpaper left over to fill in the space that change room left. I took a quick trip down to the Big Big Wallpaper Store on Ottawa Street, and amazingly the wallpaper we bought almost three years ago was still sitting on the 2nd floor in the exact same space for $8/roll. Thank you dead stock. Hollie got to revisit the lost art of decoupage when she filled in some holes in the wallpaper with perfectly cut out flowers.

That babe up on the ladder is Angie Lanza, painter and contractor extraordinaire. She painted our shop, smoothed and fixed all the old plaster walls, and installed a beautiful banister and railing on the stairs. Also, she taught us about twerking.

Some days were fun. 

Some days were frustrating. 

Lots of days were frustrating, actually. 

Doug was a pretty good sport about all the jobs we gave him though, and we all had a good time when we opened this drawer to discover the cinnamon hearts display we made in 2009.

Finally, the renovations were finished and Hollie & I were left with a store we absolutely completely love. We think you will too. Here's a couple sneak peeks, but you should really come visit and see for yourself!

Come down and see what's in stock! In the next few weeks we will have lots of new Canadian-made clothing coming into the shop, and we're pretty pumped about it. We think you will be too.


  1. Replies
    1. They were all snapchats! Never to be seen again...

  2. AH! It looks amazing! I can't wait to see it in person!

    1. Thanks! And hope you're having a great trip!

  3. It looks beautiful! Checking it out in person seems like a good enough excuse for another trip back ;)

  4. The Fat Girl Food Squad wants to come visit! Have for a long time, but now especially to see the new renos.

    1. yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! Please do!

  5. You are all amazing!! Congrats on your new store design. Best wishes...more to come!