Thursday, September 12, 2013


Kalpna Patel is a craft superstar/genius. We approached her earlier this year and asked if she would be interested in dressing our window for Supercrawl in September. Jane and I gave her free reign to come up with and execute any concept that she wanted, because we are constantly blown away by her windows for Type Books in Toronto, and her decor each year for City of Craft, and we knew that there would be some next level crafting happening in our window no matter what she came up with.

And OMGGGGG to what she came up with.

Since she calls Toronto her home, Kalpna did some research on significant streets and place in Hamilton, and recreated a map of downtown, centered on James Street North, in the form of a plant cell. She depicted the downtown as a biological form and equated certain streets/buildings/businesses with cellular organisms and functions based on their role in the city to illustrate how creative and entrepreneurial communities can have a larger affect on the city as a whole.

This is the first part in a much larger project for Kalpna, and she felt Hamilton would be the perfect place to start this because, as she explained to us "it is all about urban growth and being an active citizen and feeling like the city is really an extension of the body...  I know how passionately you gals feel about Hamilton, and by opening your business you have become a crucial part of the city's structure and functioning - I think representing this on a cellular level is not only a statement, but would look pretty frickin' cool!"

Your grade 10 biology project x craft dreams come to life. I can't wait to see all the other cities and neighbourhoods that she explores with this down the line. We are thrilled that Hamilton's renewal helped to spark this idea out of her crazy talented brain.


1000 folds, 750 hand-cut vacuoles and countless hand-painted dots. Girl does not mess around when it comes to the game of craft.

Nucleus, mitochondria and everyone's favourite scientific term - the endoplasmic reticulum.

There are so many businesses, buildings and organizations that are represented in her model, that we didn't have room to display on the window, but they are all there. Our little biological form working together to create something amazing. Floropolis is the proper title for her piece, Kalpna's alternate being "James St. North, STAND UP".

We hope you'll visit us this weekend at Supercrawl and check it out, along with everything else incredible happening in downtown Hamilton right now.


  1. So cool, can't wait to see it for reals tomorrow. Good pick ladies

  2. So incredible! But I'm so sad I'm not in the area to see it!