Friday, May 16, 2014

Photoshoot Day, Photoshoot Day

We shot our spring/summer lookbook earlier this week, and really, it has been about two years in the making. Two winters ago, our incredible photographer friend Claire Dam asked if Jane and I would be into a shoot for the store featuring baby lambs. We didn't need to think too long about that one. But, we ended up missing lambing season last year, and we were determined not to make that mistake again when spring finally rolled around.

We quickly took on the task of assembling an all-star team this year - Claire behind the camera, with her amazing assistant Maria who we are always happy to see on set, Alex and Justine from A&J Beauty in charge of hair and make-up, Jessica Hunter and her beautiful floral arrangements, and Emma and Katie as the faces of White Elephant. We are so grateful to be connected to so many talented people who love to join forces creatively and make things like this happen. We are even more grateful that we get to work surrounded by amazing women! We don't actively seek out all female teams, which makes it so much more special when it just falls into place like that.

I didn't sleep very well the night before. Anxiety before big days like this usually keeps me up into the wee hours of the night, and the combination of a pretty serious thunderstorm didn't help to ease those anxious feelings one bit. I woke up with the sun behind ominous, dark clouds, still raining. I headed to the store and started to load all of the supplies into the car, and down came the rain even harder than before; a torrential downpour. I was certain that we would have to make concessions and shoot indoors without the baby lambs, but we were too far into it now.  This was too long in the making, with too many people offering their time and talent. I may have sent Jane a text in all caps uttering expletives.

Claire was generous enough to let us take over her home in the morning for prep. Alex and Justine did an incredible job making Katie and Emma look like natural, dreamy babes. Jessica kept busy in the kitchen making sweet arrangements of local, in season blooms. Claire and Maria loaded up the car with equipment and props. Jane and I mostly sat on the couch, discussed Jay-z and Solange, and watched the magic happen.

Something else magical happened. The clouds broke, and the sun appeared. We weren't holding our breaths though, and thought that we could maybe squeeze in at least the shots with the baby lambs before the sky got dark once again.

We headed over to Farmer Jim's property, not too far away from Claire's farmhouse. Claire met Jim when she bought her puppy Moses off of him, and he agreed to let us use his property as our backdrop for the day. He bought the land a couple of years ago and uses it to house his livestock - heritage pig breeds, goats, sheep, and his Italian sheepdogs. He didn't seem to mind one bit as we all lost any air of professionalism and squealed over the newborn lambs.

Did you know that #lambselfie is a really popular hashtag? You'll find all of us on there.

Amazingly, the weather held out for us until we had gotten all the shots we needed. We actually all had to strip down a couple of layers because the sun was relentless, and felt like the first hint of summer. Sheepishly, we all ended up with sunburns by the end of the day. Sunscreen had not seemed necessary due to the kind of morning we had! Although there is a pretty great abandoned farm house on the property, we didn't end up shooting anything inside because it was just too beautiful of a day with too beautiful of scenery to think about venturing indoors. We spent our time in the woods, by the animals, and around the Grey Gardens-esque abandoned swimming pool.

Everyone did such amazing work, and when things go that smoothly, it hardly feels like work at all. We're so excited to be able to show you the final results soon. It was a truly magical day.

Oh, and this is Claire's rooster Romeo. He's a total ham, who also loves to be snuggled. He was the star of the show at the end of the day. I mean, he is a pretty handsome guy, right?


  1. You captured it perfectly! I'm so happy the sun came out, sunburn and all. I loved helping to make your dream shoot come true :)

  2. These shots look beautiful already, I look forward to seeing the final results.